Assault on Black Political Power in Jackson, MS.

Our latest Mississippi Project video, "The Assault on Black Political Power in Jackson, MS: Countering the Confederate Spring, Part 1

Republicans throughout the South are trying to build a "new" Confederacy by dominating state legislatures and enacting laws that aim to return society back to the 18th century. Mississippi Republicans are working overtime to lead this reactionary charge.

The Mississippi Republican supermajority in the State Legislature are advancing an all out assault on the social gains won by Blacks, women, workers, farmers, immigrants and LGBTQI individuals and communities over the past 100 years during the 2016 legislative session.

Jackson, the Black majority state capital of Mississippi is coming under heavy attack this legislative session. There are four critical attacks being waged this session:  SB 2162 The Airport Takeover Bill, SB 2525 The Downtown Annexation Bill, SB 2306 The Racial Profiling and Immigrant Targeting Bill, and Gov. Phil Bryant's Confederate History Month declaration. The city's water treatment and delivery system is also under threat.

The Coalition for Economic Justice launched in January 2016 to counter these reactionary assaults, defend Jackson's economic integrity, and fight for economic justice and democracy.


For more information about the Coalition for Economic Justice visit or email

Send resources for The BDS Campaign to:
Community Aid and Development Inc.
P.O. Box 68426
Jackson, MS 39286

Send resources for the Buy Jackson Campaign to:
Cooperation Jackson
P.O. Box 1932
Jackson, MS 39215

Our Power: Cooperation Jackson

Our Power: Cooperation Jackson

By Adofo Minka

El-Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) once said that travel helps to broaden one’s scope. I never exactly understood what he meant by that and this is likely attributable to the fact that until now, I had never traveled outside of the United States. Being a part of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance’s (GGJ) delegation to the World Social Forum has changed that reality and has helped me to understand, more than I did before, the importance of international travel and engaging with other people throughout the globe to grasp a better understanding of where the work you do fit into the world picture. Being a part of this delegation has shown me the difference in reading about various struggles globally and having the opportunity to actually meet, talk to, and strategize with various people who are engaged in these struggles. The difference is that you actually get to learn about the nuances, complexities, and challenges that people face in their struggles against various forms of oppression in a way that in many instances reading will not reveal to you.

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CASTING SHADOWS Chokwe Lumumba and the Struggle for Racial Justice and Economic Democracy in Jackson, Mississippi

CASTING SHADOWS  Chokwe Lumumba and the Struggle for Racial Justice and Economic Democracy in Jackson, Mississippi

Kali Akuno - February 2015

By Kali Akuno. “As the South Goes…So Goes the Nation.”

W.E.B Du Bois wrote these famous words in Black Reconstruction, linking America’s promise of democracy to the horrendous conditions for Black people in the South. Sadly, the State of Mississippi has long been a bellwether in this regard, from slavery and lynchings to Jim Crow, segregation, and ongoing voter disenfranchisement. Today, Mississippi has both the country’s largest Black population by percentage and its highest poverty rate. This is a not a coincidence but an illustration of how economic inequality goes hand in hand with racial discrimination.

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