Building a solidarity economy in Jackson, Mississippi, anchored by a network of cooperatives and worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises.

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On Contact with Chris Hedges: The Radical Transformation of Jackson, Mississippi

Kali Akuno, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Cooperation Jackson, discusses the radical transformation of Jackson, Mississippi with journalist, professor, and radical public intellectual Chris Hedges on his On Contact program on RT. 

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Mississippi, USA: An Interview with Kali Akuno by Cat Brooks on KPFA's UpFront

UpFront delivers a mix of local, state, and international coverage through challenging interviews, civil debates, breaking updates, and in-depth discussions with authors.

Kali Akuno is a Jackson, MS -based organizer, educator, writer, and editor of Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi.

Cat Brooks is UpFront’s Co-Host, and a long-time performer and activist. She played a central role in the struggle for justice for Oscar Grant and is the co-founder of the Anti-Police Terror Project (APTP) whose mission is to rapidly respond to and eradicate police terror in communities of color.

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Jackson Rising: At Last, a Real Strategic Plan

By Richard Moser
Black Agenda Report

Jackson Rising is the rarest of things: a real strategic plan. You will not find a simple wish list that glosses over the hard questions of resources, or some disembodied manifesto imploring the workers forward, but a work-in-progress building the capacity of people to exercise power.

And that project is Cooperation Jackson. Cooperation Jackson is an emerging network of cooperatives and grassroots institutions that aim to build a “solidarity economy.” By seizing on the crisis and weak links of modern capitalism and building on the historic struggles for racial equality by the black people of Mississippi, Cooperation Jackson has created a model we can all learn from.

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Mission & Purpose

The broad mission of Cooperation Jackson is to advance the development of economic democracy in Jackson, Mississippi, by building a solidarity economy anchored by a network of cooperatives and other types of worker owned and democratically self-managed enterprises.

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Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy
and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi

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Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi is a chronicle of one of the most dynamic experiments in radical social transformation in the United States. The book documents the ongoing organizing and institution building of the political forces concentrated in Jackson, Mississippi dedicated to advancing the Jackson-Kush Plan.  

Jackson Rising documents the history of this movement, its contributions towards the radical transformation of the United States, and its political implications for social movements throughout the United States, the global South and the world. 

All proceeds from book sales support Cooperation Jackson's general fund. 


Our Story

Cooperation Jackson is the realization of a vision decades in the making. Our roots lay deep within the struggle for democratic rights, economic justice, and self-determination, particularly for Afrikan people in the Deep South, and for dignity and equality for all workers.

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Just Transition Forum Welcoming Social

The Just Transition Forum is a project of the Building Equity and Alignment for Impact (BEAI) Initiative, which is an alliance of grassroots climate justice organizations that focuses on building alignment around a just transition amongst climate justice groups, organized labor, other social justice movements, and progressive philanthropy. 

Join Cooperation Jackson on Sunday, February 25th, from 4 to 7 pm at 939 W. Capitol Street, Jackson, MS as we welcome the national and international activists that will be attending the Just Transition Forum and share our collective thoughts, ideas, proposals, and plans together.

Sunday, February 25th 4pm - 7pm

939 West Capitol Street Jackson MS

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Our Principles

Cooperation Jackson has 13 Core Principles, which were crafted by adapting aspects from the basic principles of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation in the Basque country of Spain, and the International Cooperative Alliance’s cooperative identity, values and principles. 

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