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From the Ground Up Conference featuring Sacajawea "Saki" Hall


Community Control of Land, Housing, and the Economy

What is the cooperative movement’s vision for our economy? How can we reclaim land and homes from market speculation? Can that reclaimed land form the basis of a new economy beyond capitalism, one based on our human and ecological needs? Conference: April 12-14 2019, Montreal Join us in the awakening of a movement that embraces community housing, participatory democracy, and a solidarity economy!

300 participants 30 activities 3 days 1 movement


FRIDAY 12: at Bâtiment 7, 1900 Le Ber, Pointe-St-Charles, Montreal SATURDAY 13th & SUNDAY 14th: at Canadian Center for Architecture, 1920 Baile St, Shaughnessy Village, Montreal Community movements in neighborhoods across Montreal are expanding their ambitions to include the advancement of housing justice and a solidarity economy. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Milton-Parc Citizens’ Committee (MPCC) and the 30th anniversary of the Communauté Milton Parc (CMP). The CMP is a ‘land trust’, a legal form of community ownership which prevents market speculation and is managed democratically. The CMP has cooperative housing with 1500 tenants plus 10 commercial properties. It is the highest concentration of coops in all of Canada, and is currently worth $200 million in community controlled assets.

We, From The Ground Up, are inspired by the CMP story, and would like to empower Montrealers with the tools and narratives to move forward on these issues. So, we are proud to invite you to an international conference that will gather guest speakers from across North America, hosting a series of 20 workshops, and will include additional community building activities …