Fa'Seye Aina Sunny Gonzalez

Who is this woman? Fa’Seye Aina ‘Sunny’ Gonzalez was born and raised on Chicago’s south side. Coming from a family of activists she is deeply involved within her community. In Chicago she was heavily engaged in several organizations including, U.S.O.C (United Sisters of Civilization), The Southwest Youth Collaborative, B.A.H.A (Black and Hispanic Achievers) and president of M.A.G.I.C (Metropolitan Area Group for Igniting Civilization).

Seye is a woman that considers herself a ‘Jane of all trades’. She started YW2Q (Young Woman 2 Queens) and later would eventually introduce its brother organization YM2K (Young Men 2 Kings).  She made a living by doing hair, working at several pay out gigs and as a photographer for Create Me Instant Images, which she loved. In addition to her political activities she also participated socially, academically and spiritually within her community. She is an initiate of the African spiritual mindset Orisha/Ifa. 

Seye now lives in Jackson, MS and is a member of Cooperation Jackson. She is the coordinator of the emerging Nubia’s Place Café and Catering Cooperative.