Sacajawea "saki" Hall is a black feminist activist engaged in the collective struggle for human rights, social justice and transformation. With over 10 years experience on the local, national, and international level, saki has provided leadership for political mobilizations, direct actions, conferences, fundraising initiatives, and communications to numerous organizations, coalitions, and networks throughout the United States including People’s Production House, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the US Human Rights Network, and Cooperation Jackson.

She is one of the founding members of Cooperation Jackson and currently co-leads the Land and Housing Initiative, including the development of a Community Land Trust. saki leads Cooperation Jackson’s Communications team and supports its Climate Justice and Just Transition work along with supporting the financial planning for the development of three Worker-Owner Cooperatives.

Fa'Seye Aina Sunny Gonzalez

Who is this woman? Fa’Seye Aina ‘Sunny’ Gonzalez was born and raised on Chicago’s south side. Coming from a family of activists she is deeply involved within her community. In Chicago she was heavily engaged in several organizations including, U.S.O.C (United Sisters of Civilization), The Southwest Youth Collaborative, B.A.H.A (Black and Hispanic Achievers) and president of M.A.G.I.C (Metropolitan Area Group for Igniting Civilization).

Seye is a woman that considers herself a ‘Jane of all trades’. She started YW2Q (Young Woman 2 Queens) and later would eventually introduce its brother organization YM2K (Young Men 2 Kings).  She made a living by doing hair, working at several pay out gigs and as a photographer for Create Me Instant Images, which she loved. In addition to her political activities she also participated socially, academically and spiritually within her community. She is an initiate of the African spiritual mindset Orisha/Ifa. 

Seye now lives in Jackson, MS and is a member of Cooperation Jackson. She is the coordinator of the emerging Nubia’s Place Café and Catering Cooperative.

Vernon Young

Vernon Dessalines Young, Jr., is an African born in Greenville, Mississippi. Vernon moved to Jackson, Mississippi where he attended Jackson State University to play football and major in pre-med Biology. He has a double Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Public Health. Vernon is a member of Cooperation Jackson and is leading the development of a Security Cooperative.

Kali Akuno

Kali Akuno is a co-founder and co-director of Cooperation Jackson. 

Kali served as the Director of Special Projects and External Funding in the Mayoral Administration of the late Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson, MS. His focus in this role was supporting cooperative development, the introduction of eco-friendly and carbon reduction methods of operation, and the promotion of human rights and international relations for the city. 

Kali also served as the Co-Director of the US Human Rights Network, the Executive Director of the Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund (PHRF) based in New Orleans, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. And was a co-founder of the School of Social Justice and Community Development (SSJCD), a public school serving the academic needs of low-income African American and Latino communities in Oakland, California.

Elijah Williams

Elijah Williams was born in Florida, and grew up in Jackson Mississippi. Like many youth he graduated from High School without a clue of what he wanted to do in life. After attending Hinds Community College for Graphic Design, he left school to join the workforce.

Elijah began volunteering on weekends with Cooperation Jackson at the suggestion of a close friend. Since then, he has become a member of Cooperation Jackson and works daily for the Fall planting season. Elijah is a member of the emerging Freedom Farms Urban Farming Cooperative, and a work-owner of the emerging Nubia’s Place Café and Catering Cooperative.

brandon king

brandon king is an community organizer and cultural worker originally from Hampton Roads VA, currently living in Jackson MS. After graduating from Hampton University in 2006 with a BA in Sociology, brandon moved to New York City where he worked as a union organizer and later as an organizer working with New York City homeless people. 

brandon moved to Jackson, Mississippi in January 2014 to assist in the growing movement for economic justice, human rights, social and cultural transformation happening there. as a founding member of Cooperation Jackson, brandon serves on its Coordinating Committee, he is the Organizing Coordinator, a co-coordinator of emerging Freedom Farms Urban Farming Cooperative, and the representative to the Climate Justice Alliance. 

As a DJ and visual artist, brandon also sees the arts and culture as key components necessary to energize and activate people to be engaged in the process of actualizing human rights, moving towards social and cultural transformation.

Marie Helene Fabien Hall

Marie Helene was born in Haiti and moved to New York in the 60's. She is a social worker and currently lives in Virginia Beach. Marie is active in her church's social justice committee and Haiti committee. She travels regularly to Haiti and provides translation for delegations doing support work in Sodo (Saut-d'Eau). Marie speaks her native languages of Kreyol and French as well as English and Spanish.

Marie is a Friend of Cooperation Jackson. She is participating in the delegation to provide translation, and give the organization logistical and coordinating support to help it strategically navigate the official negotiations and effectively participate in all of the activities it is planning and attending during the global convergence.