From Jackson to Paris to Fight Climate Change

From Jackson to Paris to Fight Climate Change

The Jackson Free Press' Scott Prather interviewed members of the Cooperation Jackson delegation going to the global climate justice convergence in Paris, France. Members of the delegation discuss the goals of the trip and Cooperation Jackson's climate and economic justice work in Jackson, MS.

"The goal is half protest and half affirmation," said Kali Akuno. The political leaders and corporations involved in the official discussions about climate change are "playing games with the planet and with our lives." 

Cooperation Jackson's climate-justice vision outlines policy goals grounded in a political vision that looks to connect the dots between the environmental, economic and racial crises that have long plagued the south.

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Climate Justice -- The U.S. Left, and the Problem of the State

Featuring Kali Akuno

As part of the Climate Convergence, REC helped host "The U.S. Left and the Problem of the State," a panel with Bhaskar Sunkara of Jacobin, journalist and author Christian Parenti, historian Frances Fox Piven, organizer Kali Akuno, and REC Executive Director Marcie Smith. The panel, which was held at 16 Beaver Street, discussed the role of the state in addressing the climate crisis.