Transnational Institute: Transformative Cities

How do citizens solve global problems with local solutions? Around the world people are finding local solutions to global problems. New citizens coalitions are winning municipal power from Barcelona and Madrid to Jackson, Mississippi; embracing the term ‘fearless’ to show their willingness to take on entrenched power. This movement is gaining ever more momentum: since 2000, at least 835 examples of public services have been being brought back under public control, reversing decades of privatization programs that did not deliver the promised results. Can this transformation at a local level deliver solutions to systemic global crises such as inequality, climate change and the corporate capture of democratic institutions? The Transnational Institute brings some leading thinkers and practitioners within this radical municipalist movement to debate and discuss opportunities and challenges for transforming our communities.

Hosted by Saskia Sassen, Rutger Groot Wassink and Laura Flanders, and featuring Cooperation Jackson Director, Kali Akuno.