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Kurdish auto-governance declarations and Turkish military reaction

  • 939 West Capitol Street Jackson, MS, 39203 United States (map)

A conversation with Ms. Nigar Duru, Democratic Party of Peoples congress member and Chairwoman of Antalya Woman Solidarity and Consultancy Association

The Kurdish People, an indigenous people divided by European (British and French) imperialism in Southwest Asia in the early 20th century, have been fighting against national oppression and ethnic erasure in Turkey (where for example the Kurdish language is officially banned) for decades. 

The Kurdish people are now central players towards the resolution of ongoing conflicts in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq and have been organizing for political autonomy in all of these nation-states over the last several years. Kurdish movements in Turkey and Syria have recently made declarations calling for political autonomy, and auto or self-governance in Turkey and Syria to advance the social revolutions they have been building that are promoting solidarity economics, economic democracy, ecological balance and sustainability, and women's liberation. 

Ms. Duru will share her insights on this struggle in Turkey, and address the strengths and challenges facing this inspiring movement.