'Freedom Road' from Jackson to Paris and Beyond!

Delegation to Paris for the Global Climate Justice Convergence


This year, The United Nations will host the 21st climate change conference in Paris, France from November 30-December 11, 2015. The COP21 negotiations are some of the most important negotiations in history, as global leaders aim to set a universal agreement for addressing climate change for decades. 

The Cooperation Jackson delegation, in conjunction with the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) and the Climate Justice Alliance/Our Power Campaign, will participate in the global climate justice convergence against the climate negotiations which are set to do the minimum to stop climate change in order to preserve the capitalist system, leaving humanity and the worlds eco-systems in peril.

We seek to build solid international links in the development and promotion of practical, here and now solutions to the climate crisis. Help us build the transformative movement for system change that our people and planet so desperately need. 

Make a generous donation to support the Cooperation Jackson delegation's airfare, lodging, ground transportation, meals, translation and printing costs for materials. 

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