Freedom Road from Jackson to Paris and Beyond

World "leaders" will meet in Paris, France at the COP21 climate negotiations finalize an international legally binding agreement on how to address climate change. To challenge the negotiations and the false solutions the process is upholding, social movements and activist from around the world will join together for a Global Climate Justice Convergence. Cooperation Jackson will participate in this convergence as apart of the It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm Delegation. We've named our contingent, the Freedom Road from Jackson to Paris. Check out what our steps have been on this road.

The road our ancestors paved is a freedom road, and we are continuing to build that road today.

It will be critical in 2015 to build up the momentum and escalate actions so that by the time we get to Paris, there is consistent pressure from a worldwide movement calling for serious action by governments, rejection of carbon market mechanisms such as REDD+ and other carbon offsets and radical emission cuts. But the battle will not end in Paris, and movements are already making long-term plans to keep up the momentum and share strategies through North-North, North-South, and South-South exchanges, national and international joint strategy sessions and collective action in the streets of Paris.
— Grassroots Global Justice Alliance